Wine Meets CellArt With These Custom-Made Turnkey Wine Spaces

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Natasha Bazika
Natasha Bazika
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Live your passion for wine and art to the fullest with a customized wine cellar, tasting room, or display wall. CellArt is a new company bringing wine and art together like never before. Founder, Jonathan Primeau shares his love of wine and art by designing and manufacturing exclusive wine spaces. These extraordinary cellars, tasting rooms, and wine objects challenge the ordinary, striving for beauty, and functionality. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current cellar or have always wanted to display your wine collection in a unique but sophisticated way, CellArt could be the answer.

Constructed from the finest materials known for both their beauty and longevity, the team’s creations are handcrafted to order by Master artisans over thousands of hours in Montreal.

Wine Spaces

From century-old houses and mansions to yachts or private jets, CellArt can design an exceptional wine space to fit anywhere. The true essence of CellArt’s wine spaces goes beyond making bottles look appealing, or usability and capacity, or even creating a controlled environment for your wine to age in the best conditions. From vision to the realization of each space, the experts at CellArt will design a space that resonates with you and takes care of your wine. From design to engineering to general contracting and installation, CellArt does it all. However, they only create 52 spaces a year worldwide, so if you want a customized wine space, you will have to request early. No matter the demand, the creative team resolves never to sacrifice, to the pace of growth, their artistic integrity, the uniqueness of their artisanal savoir-faire, and the freedom to always challenge the ordinary.

Art Pieces

Another service CellArt offers is the opportunity to create an art piece designed for your wine. These works of art transfigure the wine cellar, tasting room, or any room in quest of character and beauty. They bring talented artists together to create unique and exclusive pieces that suit your lifestyle and needs. Forget paintings, wine art is where you will impress your guests.

Wine Objects

Here is where their creativity shines. Wine objects, including but not limited to champagne buckets, wine tags, and wine coasters are handcrafted in Montreal, one by one by CellArt’s master artisans.

The champagne bucket is made of a selection of dark to chocolate-brown rich black walnut wood externally glazed with an immaculate ink-black sparkling lacquer. A stainless steel mirror interior stand, artfully designed, allows the Champagne bottles, Magnums, or any great vintage of white wine, to cool down in the ice and cold water with all due reverences to their labels.

They also make picnic baskets and a stunning Epicurean Wall made of Russian plywood covered with rare burl wood enhanced with golden lacquered stripes. The display can hold up to 44 bottles of wines or ports, using STACT custom patented technology—exclusive to CellArt.

Wine Care

Beyond creating masterpieces, CellArt knows how to treat wine. With all their projects whether it’s a wine space or a piece of art, they take into consideration humidity, positioning temperature, and more. A wine connoisseur will know to store wine in a horizontal position in a vibration-free zone. Temperature also plays a major factor in storing wine as the higher the temperature the faster the wine will evolve.  After all, when a wine that was meant to be aged is consumed too early, we are deprived of the flavors and textures we would never have experienced had the wine not undergone aging. It’s the little things that count when storing wine and CellArt understands your wine deserves the right environment.

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