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In 2005 Korean artist Eunhyue Shin, known as ShinB in the world of artistry, officially launched her career. The saying goes that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. Truer words have never been spoken for the contemporary artist who has been diligently showcasing her exceptional art for the past decade and a half. During this time, ShinB has had eleven solo exhibitions and has been featured in numerous team exhibitions. The breathtaking Agora Gallery in New York represented her from the years 2017-2019 and during this time she was commissioned by the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Her artwork was on display for the duration of the games which is something she is immensely proud of.

Artwork by artist ShinB
Artist ShinB

In 2020, ShinB gained the recognition she deserved and held an exclusive exhibition at the Start Art Fair, which is a grandiose event held at The Saatchi Gallery in London. The Saatchi Gallery has presented many contemporary art exhibitions of promising artists since 1985 and is a recognized authority in contemporary art globally. This made her a clear winner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Artist in Korea.

ShinB New York Rhapsody artwork
ShinB’s “New York Rhapsody” artwork

ShinB’s artistic inclination is a combination of both East and West influences and is primarily composed of concept and abstract art pieces. Her artworks are an amalgamation of her selected medium and classical music and can be categorized in two different styles; the first style is a collection of objects where the meaning is stemmed from disassembling and reassembling musical props related to music and musical instruments, the second style is a beautiful collection of watercolor artworks. The art is inspirational as it is an accumulation of sight and sound – music to listen to and to view.

ShinB "Composition" artwork
ShinB’s “Composition” artwork

For the most part, ShinB works on her art whilst listening to classical music. Classical music encompasses her emotions and ignites the creativity of her imagination which is how she often becomes inspired. Her insight stems from the wonders of nature, God, and music, which encourages the artist to paint with her heart and her mind as one and is a true form of expressionism. The artist is inspired by other rousing composers and artists, such as Johann Sebastian Bach, who she says has had the greatest influence on her work because of his poetic virtuosity.

ShinB's "Child" artwork
ShinB’s “Child” artwork

The artist is also inspired by her childhood when she works on her pieces due to the type of innocent and pure themes that it inspires within her. After she selects a musician or other artist and musical piece to listen to, she explores the historical background of the artist. Once she puts all the pieces together of what inspired the musician or artist, she uses this information to stimulate her creative juices even more.

ShinB's "RBlue" artwork
ShinB’s “RBlue” artwork

From the years 2010-2016, the artist held her own Private Exhibitions. In 2010, her first exhibition was the Chuncheon Philharmonic Orchestra and Join Exhibition at the Chuncheon Culture and Art Center, and in 2016 she held an exhibition in KBS Chuncheon Headquarters where she showcased her pieces under the title of ‘Western-Style Painting Artist Exhibition.’

ShinB's "Map" artwork
ShinB’s “Map” artwork

Simultaneously, the artist was part of team exhibitions from the years 2005-2015. In 2005 she was part of the Suncheon Art Exhibition and in 2015, her piece called ‘Jeon’ was showcased at the Chuncheon Gallery. Each exhibition truly displays the artistic talent of ShinB and showcases the innocence, faith, and passion that she has for her work.

ShinB's "Map" artwork
ShinB’s “Map” artwork

ShinB’s popular, creative, and contemporary pieces are exemplary reminders of the splendor that surrounds us each day in and outside of nature. Her featured and prevalent artwork pieces go by the following titles: A memory of childhood, Composition, Heaven, New York Rhapsody, and Piano Concerto. These titles are a clear indication of what inspires her and what she loves the most in terms of her expressionism through her art. As she continues to grow through her art, the world waits patiently for her next masterpiece.

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