What’s Next for The Fall 2020 Interior Design Trends?

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Natasha Bazika
Natasha Bazika
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With the reality that we will be spending even more time at home, you can bet that the need for cozy and multi-functional spaces will be a focus this Fall. After all, many of us are working from home and creating spaces that foster creativity and wellbeing is something we all want. With that said, we enlisted the expertise of Michelle Harrison-McAllister, the founder of the boutique design firm, Michelle Harrison Design, to discuss trends we’re going to fall in love with.

Neutral and Organic approach design trends

Neutral and Organic approach

This year it is all about moving towards a more neutral, organic, and intuitive approach to home design. According to Harrison, mixes of natural materials, including marble, brass, and wood, offers a relaxed design aesthetic for those that do not want to commit to patterns mixes or bold colors.

“Grasscloth has also made a comeback with its organic and natural feel,” says Harrison.

This style adds interest to any décor from mid-century modern, boho chic, Moroccan and eclectic.

Harrison predicts bringing the outdoors inside will be a significant trend. According to Harrison, floral wallpaper or geometric patterns help define a space and can set the tone for the rest of the home.

Outdoor Space design trends

Biophilic Is In

Harrison predicts bringing the outdoors inside will be a significant trend as we start creating home offices that boost productivity.

“We are all getting “Zoomed out,” so focusing on biophilic design and bringing in greenery with art, wallcoverings, or plants in our home is a must. Bringing in nature elements has proved to reduce stress, blood pressure, and anxiety. Peel and stick wall covering with a succulent plant design or leafy patterns is a great option as our mindfulness and wellbeing are top priority,” says Harrison.

Embrace Your Curves

Finally, the curved sofa is back in. According to Harrison, Curved sofas will be the new statement piece, adding an element of luxury everyone wants in their home. It not only adds conversation to any room but also adds a much-needed distraction from the angular lines of your home and furnishings.

Home Office design trend

Cozy Lush fabrics For Quarantine

Who doesn’t want to be comfortable at home? This year, Harrison says cozy lush fabrics in organic hues such as beige, light brown, and taupe will be popular as we move into Fall, while plaid patterns, vibrant greens, blues, and yellows will be reserved for winter.

Bold Colors in Bedroom design trend

Mix Your Materials

To bring a ‘wow’ factor into your home, Harrison suggests mixing your materials, whether in furniture or décor. “Having mixed metals and materials throughout the home entertains the eye and is an excellent opportunity to showcase personality.

Geometric Wallpaper design trend

How COVID Will Affect This Year’s Design Trends

According to Harrison, this year, we have a whole new relationship with our home, and the options are endless. We are more aware of our décor style and how it affects our morale and outlook, especially our relationship with the outdoors. The lockdown has shown us that our outdoor space is a highly valued extension of our home, acting as a retreat for morning coffee or perfect for winding down with a glass of wine.

“Even in Quarantine, we will continue to see bold colors that spark our imagination. Shades of green and blue tones that pair well with grey will continue to be popular. These colors are an easier way to add some interest other than painting over the grey paint of an entire room or changing out that grey leather sectional. Both tones offer so many different saturations and evoke a sense of nautical rich flavor with the green in velvet fabrics and rich tones which can add a sophisticated warm touch,” says Harrison.

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