How To Achieve A Timeless Design In Your Home

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Natasha Bazika
Natasha Bazika
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Achieving a timeless design is easier than you think, yet it’s a dilemma that has stumped many homeowners. Should we go with a trend-eschewing color palette, a simple approach to layering, a style of furniture? These are the questions pondered. The answer is, there is no right answer. Achieving a timeless design is all about balance and sticking to it. For instance, neutral colors such as white, grey, and black will always be in style, as will certain materials: metal and wood. Fabrics are also another important choice, along with art, wall colors, and many more. It’s all about choices, balance, and of course, your personal needs.

According to Nancy Charbonneau of Charbonneau Interiors, timeless design is inherently woven into her philosophy of eloquent design. “We take an organic and soulful approach to the design process that connects who people are to how they live for many years to come,” she said.

Here are Charbonneau’s tips and tricks to achieve a timeless design:

Take The Time To Find The Right Piece

Natural and not overly contrived, and bringing together interesting textures, organic elements, and pieces that are meaningful to you and tell a piece of your story to those who see them. It’s also important to be patient and take your time to find what’s right for space, instead of settling for something that lacks meaning just to have something there. Think of design as a journey to filling a home, not a race to filling a hole.

Create Flow

It’s okay if everything is not “perfect”. A home isn’t a museum that cannot be touched—it is an evolving space that is truly and uniquely yours, who radiates who you are while being beautiful at the same time. I always remind our clients that art, accessories, and colors can be changed seasonally if that is what brings the person joy—it’s important that the energy in your home feels more like a flowing river than a stagnant pond.

Make It Personal And Joyous

Your home should be filled with meaningful objects that are unique and special, blended with new to tell your story. This can be done through family photos, heirlooms, your favorite books on a bookshelf, or anything that represents who you are. If the things we put in our home have meaning, they become more than just “things”, they’re our treasures, our stories, our sense of belonging … and so they become joy. And joy will always be timeless.

Remember—There Is No Right Texture

The classification of the material doesn’t matter so much as long as the quality can stand up to the test of time. Is it durable and can evolve with a growing family, like a performance fabric? Does it have an interesting texture that can complement accessories or decor that may change seasonally? Will the color or palette bring you joy every day when you look at it? These are good questions to ask, especially with the larger furniture selections or art pieces, when trying to find timeless pieces that can grow and evolve with you.

Colors Are Dependant On You

According to Charbonneau, it’s important to remember that what makes design timeless is that it can grow with you—so, color can be timeless as long as you feel that the palette you’ve chosen truly brings joy and peace into your home. Most people gravitate toward colors that remain true to a more neutral scheme for a foundation, then bring in unique art or bold colors in accent pieces that can easily be changed seasonally.

5 Elements To Bring It All Together

  1. Choose paint colors that are soothing and bring peace to your home.
  2. Natural light streams in from the sun and brings a fresh air with it.
  3. Lighting that will illuminate all of the beautiful details.
  4. Choose textiles that are beautiful and tell their own story through patterns and textures.
  5. Nature should always be present, whether through fresh flowers or greenery.
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