$15 Million Dream Island Mansion Villa In Exceptional Capri

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Boca do Lobo studio brings to life a dream property in Capri, an exclusive island that leads to a millionaire three-story house with world-class interiors, an extensive sun deck, a private heliport, and an infinity pool, all surrounded by the crystalline blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Today, Upscale Living Magazine brings you exclusive details of what makes this luxury mansion over-the-top.

Curated by renowned design brands, this contemporary mansion showcases unprecedented craftsmanship, bespoke details, and the ultimate artful lifestyle experience. The home is designed so that the interior flows seamlessly into the exterior, creating indoor-outdoors dream areas.

$15 million island mansion in Capri

Its stunning pool, all covered with the Portuguese tile technique, a private heliport, and an expansive sun deck, leads to space were relaxing with the ocean as the soundtrack is a must. All amenities that just couldn’t be ignored in the ultimate summer paradise.

$15 million island mansion in Capri

Every room boasts glass walls showcasing panoramic views of the ocean. This house has a total of three floors, one reserved for the young family’s private areas. Two living rooms, two luxury dining areas with an ocean view, and two suite master bedrooms with a walk-in closet featuring an exclusive international brand, Jimmy Choo. Along with the fashion partner Jimmy Choo, Boca do Lobo decided to join forces with the most luxurious and exclusive brands to create unforgettable scenarios: Luxxu, Mysa, Maison Valentina, Cobra Art Company, and Rug Society all play an essential role in the making of these exquisite interiors.

A one-of-a-kind property nestled in beautiful hills showcases unique furniture designs, inspiring decorations, and much more.  Breathtaking views of astonishing sunsets as far as the eye can see are just the beginning of a refreshing lifestyle experience.

living and dining room of the $15 million island mansion in Capri

Living Room/Dining Room

The living room and the dining room are the greeting cards on the second floor of the house. A gold and white color pallet make this area a perfect portrait of luxury and contemporary scenario. The dining area focal point is the Fortuna dining table, with a one-of-a-kind design aesthetic and refined statement to the most influential minds, surrounded by Nº 11 chairs, unique pieces associated with number 11 that represents the idealism of mankind, in the direction of its spirituality. A unique mirror is placed on the wall right behind the dining table, the fish-eye Robin Mirror, which embodies the strength and character of noble ages, giving the room a modern approach. The Lapiaz Sideboard bellow the mirror provides a contemporary touch to the setting, at the same time as nature contemplates us with the natural phenomenon of spontaneity and perfect symbiosis since the exclusive sideboard was born through the same spontaneous experience. When crafted with meticulous technique, the raw material becomes the true phenomenon of design. The living room is in harmony with the dining room, with two elegant sofas that fit perfectly along with the leading-edge center table with a modern design twist in the middle.

the modern bedroom of the $15 million island mansion in Capri


The master suite opens up into a balcony with views of the ocean in the most amazing scenario. Unique design pieces from Boca do Lobo are all over this room, and next to the window, there’s a lounge area where it is possible to admire the views while sitting in modern chairs. In front of the bed, a marvelous console with exquisite artwork and a black simple mirror pop’s out. Two dazzling Lapiaz bedside tables give fresh air to the whole area. The result is a cleaver and sophisticated composition of pieces that make the bedroom a perfect setting.

the elegant bathroom of the $15 million island mansion in Capri


The bathroom couldn’t fall short on the rest of the divisions, so Boca do Lobo set up a collaboration with Maison Valentina to create a unique setting. Defying the laws of physics, Newton Bathtub is the main character of the whole scenario since this futuristic piece of furniture represents a fantastic moment of inspiration. Once gold is the primary color of the entire house, the Eden Freestand utterly completes the whole luxury environment.

the modern office of the $15 million island mansion in Capri


Entering the office, there’s a classic writing desk called Boulevard, a highly desirable classical piece perfect for an entire office, where it is possible to register thoughts and ideas in a quiet space. To enrich this area, an incredible bookshelf gives a contemporary touch to the room; with double-sided drawers, the functionality of the bookshelf is evident. At the same time, it is also a particular piece of art.

the closet of the $15 million island mansion in Capri


A luxury closet is one of the most functional divisions in this modern house. An intimate and elegant space, which holds valuable personal belongings and outfits that best represent the personality of a person. In collaboration with the luxury brand Jimmy Choo, Boca do Lobo designed the perfect closet! An organic color palette makes every piece in the room shine for itself. Jimmy Choo is already well-known for being the perfect combo between craftsmanship and luxury fashion, and here, the band takes the stage alongside the Portuguese Brand to elevate design and portray the dream closet. The sexy cut, fashionable design, and exceptional Italian craftsmanship struck a chord with a sophisticated clientele, and the first collection was received with praise, becoming a huge success. The natural light that passes through the windows illuminates the great new collection pairs of shoes by Jimmy Choo as well as some of the Brand’s exclusive new purses.

the closet of the $15 million island mansion in Capri

The UK based Jimmy Choo strikes with new Pre-Fall 2020 Collection, modeled by one of the most famous top models, Kate Moss. Sandals with unique jeweled embroidery, wedges with contemporary weaving, and chic hobo handbags all reflect the free-spirited mood of the collection. Some of the new products are showcased in this contemporary and sophisticated closet featuring all the design details. Cuoio Suede BAIA mules are characterized by a block heel that epitomizes evening glamour, crafted in Italy with a comfortable wide arch strap and chic open square toe; these mules are perfect for elevating an after-dark look. Cactus Suede BAIA and silver metallic Nappa leather BAIA, also products of the collection, are defined by draping hand-stitched crystals all the block heel that epitomizes evening glamour. Making this closet even more desirable, there are the silver metallic Nappa leather VIOLA sandals with a draping crystal chandelier drop that ornately offsets the streamlined silhouette.

The accessories of the Jimmy Choo Pre-Fall Collection evoke a certain nomadic mood. The VARENNE HOBO new silhouette of the VARENNE family arrives in durable cactus suede and smooth calf leather with hand-painted edges, that makes chic city style effortless. The jeweled cactus satin BONBON handbag is also a new arrival that is topped with a stylish crystal-embellished metal bracelet top handle that allows you to carry it gracefully.

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