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There are different ways to deliver ideas, and architecture is one of the most creative and effective among them. The Bali-based architecture & planning company Artalenta expands the expressive potential of architecture by bringing together many disciplines and professionals from various fields. As a result of the team’s coordinated work, projects are emerging that garner recognition from the most demanding clients and industry experts. The high level of services provided by Artalenta has been once again confirmed by the fact that the company has become the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Architect and Interior Design Studio in Indonesia.

Artalenta beautiful interior patio design

Artalenta was founded in 2004 by Indonesian architect and project director Uira. His design principle is the same as Indonesia’s national motto: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (“Unity in Diversity”). This is a concept of a balance between wholeness and difference, implying the diversity of design styles and the outer diversity as part of what holds people’s cultural unity.

Artalenta open dining design

Uira and his studio skillfully connect design, architecture, interior works, and construction of buildings. The team collaborates with experts from the fields of design, engineering, manufacturing. It leads to the effective integration of their experience and skills to follow a single project delivery process and provide the client with the benefits of one-stop shopping.

Artalenta living room green theme design

Placing quality and client’s desires at the center of the work, Artalenta offers comprehensive solutions to fit for purpose. Each architectural detail and the interior object created by the team addresses the mood and forms the needed ambiance. 

Artalenta bathroom design

Client-centric to Artalenta general capabilities to detail, such as the correct tone of every project by implementing the proper finishing materials, lighting, artwork, furniture, and equipment. 

Artalenta bedroom designed

One of the most accented elements in Artalenta’s signatures of work is material detailing. For instance, Engineered and Solid Wood for surfaces, ceiling, windows, doors, furniture, and artwork embody the project’s craftsmanship and the authenticity of this natural material. Bronze and Copper let designers enhance the material’s beauty, recreate the luxurious patina, and apply it to ornaments, panels, and other exterior and interior elements, highlighting the ambiance’s richness. Tile & Stone provides a huge range of styles and unique designs, while stone turns into a great floor finish. As for the experts of Luxury Lifestyle Awards, they commended the top-quality thermally isolated aluminum profile systems used by Artalenta for elegant weather-resistant doors and windows, with the addition of aluminum skin for cladding and roofing. Any material is unique, and passionate professionals effectively use its characteristics to create an inspirational visual effect contributing to the excellent design and sense of space.

Artalenta bedroom designed

The beautiful and calm summer house 131 Cove Drive in Singapore is a perfect example of the luxury property giving a sensation of living by the beach and illustrating Artalenta’s approach to architecture and design. Uira and his company created a sense of home, tranquility, and relaxation by means of architectural, interior, and landscape designs. The building is dominated by white, harmoniously blended with the blueness of the garden’s swimming pool and greenery. 

Artalenta beautiful home designed rear entry

The outer wall of the house is clad in vertical lines of white aluminum cladding; the building is equipped with symmetrical windows, wooden doors, and wooden stairs with copper accents. The structure of the building combines steel, concrete, and aluminum. The interior is enhanced with metal elements made of copper, bronze, and gold with a combination of Fabrics, Wallpapers, Leather, and Art paint collection. 

Artalenta beautiful bathroom designed

While working on 131 Cove Drive, Artalenta drew inspiration from art galleries and implemented the artistic messages into various details in this house. Each room and space of the house has its own story and function, and this balance between spaces reflects the diversity in the owner’s family lifestyles. Just like any other Artalenta project, this property is an elegant combination of science, technology, cultural value, professionalism, and creativeness of the designers’ team. 

Artalenta beautiful bathroom designed

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