Having great-looking counters and countertops is an important part of any finished kitchen or bathroom. It can be stressful choosing from the different options there are, but one material that people love, and has a great look and feel, is granite. It is a great way to have a durable countertop, it adds value to the home and looks fantastic in any house. Granite countertops in Toms River and elsewhere are popular for good reasons, here is a closer look.

Granite countertop for bathrooms

Why choose granite for your bathrooms and kitchens?

Naturally, you want to make the best choice you can afford, hopefully, these granite countertops in Brick Township NJ are going to be in your home for many years to come. Three of the main reasons you might choose granite are the choice available in its appearance, its resistance, and its durability.

  • Many choices in colors and textures – The great thing about granite and why it has been popular for thousands of years is how attractive it is, and how many different choices in patterns, textures, and colors there are. Whether you have a traditional-looking kitchen, something modern, or any other design or style, a granite countertop can be found that looks great in it. You can also choose between lighter countertops and darker ones. You pay more for this kind of aesthetic appeal but for many homeowners, this cost is worth it.
  • Resistant to scratching, heat, and fire – The 3 big things granite is resistant to are heat, scratching, and fire and this is important in the kitchen. You don’t want an accidental movement with a knife or dragging something across the counter to lead to damage. The same is true of fire and heat. Accidents happen when cooking and it is easy to place a hot pan directly onto the surface. With some materials, this causes bubbling and other visible damage. With granite, you get a lot more toughness. You can place it alongside your cooker and it will be fine. You can put your hair straighteners onto the counter in the bathroom and your granite countertops in Toms River will be fine.
  • Very durable – As mentioned granite is very durable. You can get years of use from the countertops. It might even be in the house longer than you! While it is possible in very specific situations for something very heavy to fall on a corner and cause it to break off, this is very rare.

Granite countertops


Granite countertops in Brick Township NJ are a wonderful option. They are attractive, fire, heat, and scratch resistant and they are very durable. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that granite is porous, so when liquid spills it will seep in and it can stain. That is why granite is sealed to prevent stains from happening. That seal does not last forever though, it needs to be redone now and then to keep the countertops stain-resistant. A poorly sealed countertop is more prone to harboring bacteria too.

| By Richard Conard