Did you know that US home improvement and repair spending grew to $420 billion in 2020? Customizing your home entrance is an easy way to join in on the improvement trend.

Exterior design upgrades can really make a home stand out if done properly. Are you looking for entryway or foyer decorating ideas?

Read on for a guide that will explain how to easily enhance your home’s entrance.

home entrance custom doors and accessories

1. Custom Doors and Accessories

Custom front doors are a great way to make your home unique. Most standard stock doors lack personality and don’t add to aesthetics. With custom doors, you can choose the size, color, finishes, and hardware.

You’ll get a higher quality material with custom door options, which add value. You can even add a thicker door for more durability and security. Consider additional locking features to further enhance its security.

Adding custom doorbells is another easy upgrade to make your home’s entrance stand out. They come in many styles to match any home and offer large varieties of chime sounds.

home entrance interior design options

2. Interior Design Options

Foyers and entryways are great spaces for art. Consider hanging a large painting or wall covering to grab the attention of visitors. You can also assemble several small pieces together instead of one large art piece.

Get creative with colors and patterns in your home’s entrance. Just make sure it doesn’t clash with the rest of your home’s style. Try adding a boldly colored accent wall or interesting wallpaper.

A lot of homes have wood or tile in their entryways to combat heavy foot traffic. Well-placed rugs and runners are great for adding warmth and color to the flooring in entrances.

additional home entrance items

3. Interior and Exterior Lighting

Interior lighting fixtures like chandeliers make a big statement when entering a home. But you can always install a few sconces or hang a pendant light if large fixtures aren’t your style.

The overall goal is to create an inviting effect no matter which lighting fixtures you choose. Simply adding mirrors in entryways can even enhance the amount of natural light.

Consider upgrading your exterior lights by your home’s entrance as well. Most outdoor lighting fixtures are very affordable and add curb appeal.

home entrance items

4. Additional Home Entrance Items

Try adding a small amount of seating if you have enough space at your home’s entrance. For example, the entryway seating should be enough for someone to sit down and put their shoes on.

You might also consider adding a small table or other surfaces. It should only be enough to place a set of keys or a wallet. Coat racks or hooks are another simple storage feature that benefits homeowners and guests.

Ready to Customize Your Home Entrance?

Now you know a few simple ways to enhance your home entrance. Get creative but make sure it matches your home’s style and isn’t too cluttered. Remember the tips from this guide and wow the visitors to your home!

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| By Dale Harris