Tailor-Made Design Inspiration at Golden Tower in Jeddah 

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With its impressive reputation for intelligent interior design, Jeddah-based ArchitectRoaa stands out in the dynamic Saudi Arabian marketplace. Founded in 2015, the company prides itself on providing a wide range of interior and exterior design services to help customers make the most of their space. They are committed to upholding the highest values in every task they perform, working closely with each customer to deliver exceptional quality and personal service.  

The company was founded by designer and engineer Roaa Andijani who holds a bachelor’s degree from North Texas University, majoring in Interior Design, and a Masters’s degree in Architectural Engineering from Boston University. Her elegant, simple designs are highly revered in the Saudi market across the residential and commercial markets.   

ArchitectRoaa’s specialist professional team is qualified across various fields, from design to their projects’ technical and financial aspects. Each team works closely with their clients to ensure a smooth process, delivering a stylish finished product on time and within budget. They realize the importance of being sensitive to customer needs and, with their significant experience in the world of design and decoration, can anticipate customer desires and provide them with fast and appropriate solutions.  

Architect Roaa beautiful interior

RoaaArchitect offers a range of services, starting with a detailed consultation to establish every customer’s needs. They pride themselves on their complete package, offering design, engineering, and decorating expertise, professional supervision, and project management services. This includes the ability to design unique furnishings using the latest technology and create detailed tailor-made finishes. All to achieve simplicity of luxury design to suit every customer’s taste and expectations. 

Architect Rooa beautiful outdoor space design

The company’s admirable approach is illustrated in one of the most recent projects they have completed, Golden Tower in Jeddah. This luxury apartment was a particular challenge due to the short time frame the owner wanted it ready for him. His priority was to watch the Grand Prix, being held in Saudi Arabia for the first time, from his balcony, with its excellent views of the circuit. RoaaArchitect had to pull out all the stops and successfully completed the work on time. The expansive city and beach views make a stunning focal point for the spacious apartment, with every section cleverly designed to fulfill a specific purpose and perfectly match the client’s requirements. Superior materials like wood, marble, steel, and gold chain create a natural, luxurious finish. All furniture is carefully selected from a range of top-end brands for the ultimate luxury home that was finished on time. 

Golden Tower Jeddah Saudi Arabia by Architect Roaa


RoaaArchitect is dedicated to consistently providing quality work with exceptional personal service, ensuring every project runs smoothly from planning to completion. The company prides itself on being achievement- and development-oriented, implementing an individualized design to create the perfect space for every client. That is why the panel of experts at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards has recognized RoaaArchitect as a winner in the category of Best Luxury Penthouse Interior Design for Golden Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2022 

Learn more about Architect Roaa, its dedication to excellence in design, and the latest projects it is proud to be involved with by visiting https://rka-roaa.com/  


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