How to Create a Beautiful Girl’s Bedroom for Your Daughter

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Do you want stylish room decor for your girl’s bedroom? This brief guide will share insightful tips on how to create a cozy bedroom for your daughter. Some ideas include color combinations, cutesy tiny furniture, inspiring designs with a wallpaper mural depicting cotton candy clouds, or cool fonts.

You do not have to be an expert to get a satisfactory final result. But you will need some tools, including some spray paint, a tarp, box cutters, and a drill. Of course, you can start with as little change as possible and add other relevant details later. So, let’s get to it!

unicorn animal living room wallpaper mural
unicorn animal living room wallpaper mural

Cleanup Phase

Here is what you might see as soon as you enter your girl’s bedroom:

  • clothes hang from chairs
  • nothing is on the wall
  • the bed is never made
  • you see boxes everywhere

The first step for a complete makeover is cleaning up the place and deciding what goes where. But even if you bought a new house, and you have to start from scratch, plan by choosing where to put the wallpaper mural first. Why? Because it will set the mood for the room decor.

For example, if you go with a pink floral wallpaper mural on just the side of the bed, your color combinations will have to match. So, you may need to opt for colors like pink, peach, white, and light grey.

Unicorn Animal Wallpaper Mural Nursery Room
Unicorn Animal Wallpaper Mural Nursery Room

Wallpaper Mural Ideas

A wallpaper mural may be a better alternative to your standard Polka dot wallpaper. Here are some themes that may inspire you for your girl’s bedroom project:

  • chromatic woodlands
  • colorful illustrations of cartoons or exotic animals
  • musical motifs
  • positive quotes and lines
  • world maps displaying animals or monuments

As long as it fits the room decor, you can add a cutesy or cool sign with your daughter’s name or other cheerful phrases on the other wall. You can also spray-paint the sign and make it golden or silver for a better look.

The Elves Gardener Flower Wallpaper Mural for Kids room
The Elves Gardener Flower Wallpaper Mural for Kids room

Cool Fonts And Furniture

What is the most prized item that you want for your daughter’s room decor right now?

Before you start filling the girl’s bedroom with furniture, you must think about how you want the room to function. In other words, what is your vision? Is your vision budget-friendly?

Thousands of signs with cool fonts and tiny furniture await you in the Facebook marketplace and other social media. Also, you may want to look for clearance deals and spread those purchases out over months.

Planning in this way is a lot of fun. But of course, you will have to pick a bed if you have not one yet!

Mail Carrier Kid's Room Wallpaper Mural
Mail Carrier Kid’s Room Wallpaper Mural

Sparkly Bed

Cushions are great for adding warmth to the girl’s bedroom, especially if you mix cushions with stripes with pillows with glittering stars and shapes.

You can bring the outside in with some green pot plants. Or create a mix of homemade pieces and unique items that match the curtains.

Above all, make sure the bedding does not contrast with the wallpaper mural. You can avoid such a nuisance by opting for neutral colors like white and grey. But usually, it is the other way around. For example, if the wall has a cream color, you might opt for a coral scalloped edge quilt.

Girl in the Field Wallpaper Mural for a bedroom
Girl in the Field Wallpaper Mural for a bedroom


If you have a young daughter who is into TikTok influencers or gaming, here are some tips:

  • Add some LED strips near her gaming desk, or place them around the edges for more gaming-friendly room decor.
  • A lot of influencers love the botanical trend. So, you could decorate the ceiling with some plastic ivy-leave some hanging, and add some fairy lights for more coziness.
  • Artisanal floor poofs and mirrors are ideal for teenager streamers.
Kid's Jungle Animal Friends Wallpaper Mural
Kid’s Jungle Animal Friends Wallpaper Mural

Finishing Touches (Conclusion)

While you might want to create the girl’s bedroom on your own, letting your daughter pick something is a good idea. Mainly because it will make her enjoy the new room decor even more.

You can even finish the room by placing some posters with a dedication or statement on them showing how much you love her. But make sure it is pretty away from the wallpaper mural so that it can remain a sort of secret message from you to her.

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