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Walking into a space designed by Laura Hammett you will find yourself surrounded by exquisite materials and furnishings that have such a harmonious feeling of balance, proportion, and detailed beauty. Each property is individual to the resident. Having been in the business for a decade, she talks with the self-assuredness of someone who has been involved with every aspect of growth alongside her husband, also a designer, Aaron Hammett. She recalls the moment in 2008 when they decided to take the plunge and hire their first employee and then the moment when they decided to open the design studio, which is a major financial investment and also a commitment to the growth that she projected for the company. It takes a lot of courage to take this leap, which she describes as essential in taking the business to the next level. Hammett now has 18 employees and a new design studio complete with a gorgeous sitting room for client visits. Much like the preparation, inspiration, and foresight that it takes to design property, Hammett has used her imagination and ingenuity to plan out her career trajectory and evolve into one of London’s most successful residential design firms.

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Hammett works alongside her husband and their team, with each person having a dedicated position. The bespoke element of her work means that there is a dedicated FF&E team designing custom furnishings and lighting. Hammett oversees each project at the start and the lead designers take her vision and begin mapping out each element from layout to accessories. When a client sees the reveal of their home each element will be uniquely their own, with their clothing neatly put away, family photos in frames and a curation of books to enjoy.

Interior Design

Before the process of creating an interior begins, the client will meet with Hammett and her team to start work a questionnaire which is quite a reflective process giving insight to how the client lives or hopes to live with all of their preferences thought out. The questionnaire covers everything from their wardrobe needs, cooking, entertaining, and how the client wants to feel in the space. Hammett will often meet with the client for lunch to delve into questions to be sure that her team has a full picture of the wants and needs for the project. Hammett shares a story of visiting a client in India for dinner to talk about their upcoming design. While there she was able to notice that before dining, the family gathers for appetizers together in a separate area of low tables and chairs. She was sure to design a custom version of this arrangement for their new space so that the tradition can be kept but with a new design. These details of the client’s lifestyle are integral in creating interiors that enhance the client’s lifestyle of which she is well known for.

Interior Design

In terms of style, their work is self-described as classic contemporary, with each property being influenced by its surrounding landscape and architecture. A coastal home will have discreet elements of the sea, with a relaxed compilation of organic textures and hints of the surrounding landscape in the color tones. A townhome will have a more formal feel for entertaining and gathering with friends. As she often designs multiple properties for the same client, the homes will differ based on surroundings and usage, but the personal elements of each residence are the same. She will know the client’s arm height preference on a chair, that they prefer a bath to a shower, to hang their pants rather than to fold them, and would enjoy a movie at home rather than at a theater, etcetera. These details are what has secured the trust of her client base which has expanded to multiple countries including the US.

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On the horizon for Hammett is the November opening of the new design studio and projects including multiple residences in the US. Laura and Aaron are currently dreaming up ideas for a Grade 1 listed building in London that the team will be designing. This iconic property will be done in a way that will bring in contemporary elements while restoring and retaining the beautiful historic elements of the architecture and finishes. She says, “Design is not just an indulgence, it is a way to enhance and beautify everyday life. The inspiration that you feel whilst living in a well-designed home will translate positively into other areas of life and work”. Laura Hammett interiors are beautifully done and an inspiration see as is the business that has built from her vision to reality.

Interior Design
    Balanced proportions, layering of tones and textures, and acute attention to details from the architecture through to the furniture and styling.
    Making it feel instantly welcoming and inviting; doe through layered architectural and decorative lighting; adding softness with upholstery and mirrors; flowers and a welcoming scent but not forgetting practicality like a surface to put down keys or small drawer for posts, etc.
    Time with my kids is obviously the best self-care out there, but also reading and music are big passions of mine, so a bath with a book and my favorite playlist will always restore me after a long week.
    A base palette of warm pale neutrals is where I usually start, both architecturally and with the furnishing, and then my favorite combination is layers of warm bronze tones and rich navy. A match made in heaven.
    I am not big on following fashion trends so my fall wardrobe this year will probably include many of my staples from last year – black leather trousers, a cashmere jumper, and pair of Gianvito Rossi suede heels. I live in heels.
Laura Hammett
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