LUXXU has chosen Calabasas as the destination of its next luxury house portraying a picturesque and suburban lifestyle of the region, going beyond expectations to showcase how luxury and nature can become one. The villa is well-appointed with a stunning landscape garden, and it matches Calabasas’ adobe architecture highlights, seamlessly blending with the mesmerizing mountain scenery. In this suburban paradise, the modern design and living brand displays some of its most emblematic pieces, complementing them with numerous high-end designs from other luxury brands.

An Entryway with Exclusive Decor Statements

Calabasas Villa Statement Entryway Calabasas Villa Entryway Decor

The entryway presents unique features like arched doors and a stucco staircase that blend perfectly with the neutral glamour scheme. The Magna chandelier suspends over the ceiling, creating a poetic statement, and the Talie round sofa in Monet Pearl fabric introduces a mid-century feel with their curved silhouette.

Natural Luxury Triumphs the Dining Room

Calabasas Villa Dining Room

From wooden flooring to biophilic design, the ample dining explores natural luxury to its finest. The majestic high ceilings give room for creativity, and LUXXU puts the spotlight on the sublime Liberty Slim Snooker suspension. The Talie dining chairs and the Algerone Rectangular dining table make for a premium combination. Then, the Liberty Torch wall lamps and the Vertigo mirror set shine through their meticulous details. The Lapiaz sideboard and the Pixel bar cabinet by Boca do Lobo conclude the aesthetic, promoting contemporary design with an avant-garde feel.

Showcasing a Detailed Living Room

Calabasas Villa Detailed Living Room

The room’s interior architecture conveys a sleek, sculptural, and artistic aura, leaving room for versatile decor. This room highlights a perfect mix of modern and contemporary details with exclusive pieces like the Senzu sofa and the Algerone II bar chairs by LUXXU or the Imperfectio armchairs and the Navarra Center Table by Boca do Lobo. In addition, the tray ceiling holds the magnificent Liberty Slim suspension that provides a soothing lighting effect through crystal glass bars.

Entertainment Redefined

Calabasas Villa Entertainment Redefined

The entertainment room features various leisure spots. Throughout the room, one can see numerous custom-made pieces, including the Algerone Snooker and Poker tables. Overhead lighting is a must in these types of divisions, and here, the Waterfall suspensions become the centerpieces with their gold-plated brass details and delicate crystal glass tubes that cast a soothing glow. In the lounge, comfort is also of the essence with designs like the Algerone angular sofa or the Galea armchair.

A Royal Master Suite

Calabasas Villa Royal Bedroom

The master suite accentuates hotel-like amenities with a touch of nature, from undulating wooden walls to a stucco frame. LUXXU’s Charla collection decorates the sleeping area with the Charla XL bed stealing the show with its massive beige upholstered headboard, matching the sleekness of the Waterfall small pendants. In the vanity corner, one can spot the iconic lines of the Charla dressing table with a custom twist and the Algerone stool.

In the ultra-modern bathroom, the Darian bathtub and cabinet by Maison Valentina add an imperial flair with marble, brass, and leather accents. The Shield mirror introduces an architectural character, and the Waterfall II big wall lamp by LUXXU builds on the drama and interest.

The generous walk-in closet with a mirrored ceiling features elegant solutions like the modular Waltz closet in cream tones. Furthermore, the Otto sofa and XL armchairs bring form and aesthetics together. These upholstery pieces styled in the mid-century present an organic shape made of velvet and leather. Lastly, the Algerone center table adds timelessness and refined sophistication.

Playful Accents Throughout the Kid’s Bedroom

Calabasas Villa Kid's Bedroom

For the child’s bedroom, LUXXU opted to showcase a custom-made Charla XL twin bed with whimsical details, adding a mint headboard and playful accents to the bottom of the beds. At the center, the Needle table lamp adds a layer of luxury, complemented by the suitcase-shaped Fantasy Air nightstand by CIRCU. The latter also lent several fun objects from its collection, including the Bubble Gum bench and gym, the Elephant stool, the Bunny floor mirror in green tones, and the Cloud suspension lamps. Finally, LUXXU added a custom-made Talie sofa with a more high-spirited structure.

Relaxing in a Warm Outdoor Space

Calabasas Villa Outdoor Patio

The outdoor area boosts the relaxed and sophisticated nature of the location, enhanced by distinguished outdoor furniture from MYSA. Designs like the Hampton Wood upholstery or the Algerone outdoor tables epitomize class and style through a layered form. In addition, awe-inspiring lighting pieces like the Magna floor lamps and the Spear I outdoor wall lamp introduce a contemporary dynamic perfect for the contextual environment.