Casa Lujo Interiors has recently been chosen by the panel of experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards as the winner of an award in the category of Best Luxury Villa Design in Qatar. We spoke to Founders Shaikha Al-Sulaiti and Cathrine Dela Cruz about their company ethos, the current state of the interior design market, and their plans for the future. 

Congratulations on being chosen to receive such a prestigious award. What was your reaction when you heard the news? What does it mean to you to be recognized in this way? 

We always approach our client’s interiors as if they were our personal projects, and always fuel our interiors with creativity and function. For us to receive this award means that our passion is translating into our designs the way we had hoped. 

 Casa Lujo Interiors

You established your creative design studio in 2022. What was the thought behind starting up on your own? 

The design industry in Qatar is booming. We want to be catalysts to the change in the design scene in Doha, ensuring that all our designs are unique, and of international standards. 

What sort of start have you got off to? Has it been the first year that you were hoping for? 

We’re definitely off to a good start with all our current clients being aesthetically aligned with our signature designs that are contemporary, and simple and that mix functionality, art, and collectible design. 

What background do the two of you come from? Tell us about your experience and achievements prior to starting up your own company. 

One of us (Shaikha) is an interior designer and spent the last decade or so of her career working on luxury hospitality projects in Doha. (Cathrine) is a practicing architect. She earned her experience in interior design from various projects in Qatar, the UK, and Singapore where she showcased her expertise in classical, Islamic, and modern contemporary designs. 

 Casa Lujo Interiors

How have you found the marketplace in Qatar through your first year? Has there been much activity? 

We are both pleasantly surprised at the pace at which the design scene is currently growing. We are also quite selective with the projects we sign on – as we always search for that confident client who is willing to take risks because as we previously mentioned, we are here to set the standard of design for Doha. 

What makes your company stand out in this highly competitive marketplace? 

Our passion and motivation to continuously create beautiful timeless interiors are what make us stand out. 

 Casa Lujo Interiors

Interior trends are constantly changing and evolving. How do you keep on top of everything that is happening in the industry? 

We follow design trends only when it makes sense to us and to the client/project. We love creating timeless interiors so even when we do follow trends, we make them work with our aesthetic in design. 

What are the current trends that are making a mark? 

Neutral palettes and material honesty are two trends that never go out of style. Collectible design is how we like to add uniqueness to our designs and express our client’s tastes and mannerisms. 

 Casa Lujo Interiors

It’s always vital to keep designs fresh and imaginative. Where do you get your inspiration from to ensure this happens? 

Our starting point for designs always starts with our client. They feed us our inspiration! We take the brief they give us and express our design through their eyes. That is why each design we work on is exciting and new for us. 

Can you tell us about a recently completed project that you are particularly proud of and why you are so pleased with the final result? 

Our project Caramel House is one of our favorites so far because we worked on the architecture, spatial layouts, room adjacencies, and then also the interiors. It is truly a Casa Lujo project. 

 Casa Lujo Interiors

Becoming a successful interior designer involves close client collaboration every step of the way. What do you do to ensure you achieve your client’s vision for every project you undertake? 

We keep in constant contact with our clients every step of the way. This is to ensure that we are achieving their intent and that we are heading in the right direction. This works perfectly for both us and the client, as it ensures we are on track with our committed schedule. 

How many people make up your team, and what skills do they offer? 

We are a boutique studio and we like to ensure quality in all our work. We are a team of 5 designers/architects, each with a specific role to play for each project. 

AAS Villa, Casa Lujo Interiors

What sort of projects are you currently involved in? Are you working across a range of different sectors, or are you specializing in a particular area? 

We are mainly focusing on luxury interiors at the moment and have a couple of projects leads for luxury commercial projects which we are also very excited about. 

For more information about Casa Lujo Interiors and the studios latest projects visit their Instagram account here